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Key 4 Business™ specializes in helping small business owners. Our network of professionals assists with creating and/or implementing processes, consulting and brainstorming, team-building workshops, contract management, as well as administrative advisement and management.

Our Services

Consultations & Brainstorming Sessions

Do you have an idea that needs building? Are you unsure of where to begin and how to finish strong? Let us help you and/or your team!

Contract Management & Negotiation

You've got service providers! That means you're growing! Great! Let us help you implement, negotiate, and execute their contracts/agreements.

Team-Building Workshops

Board Retreat? Workplace Improvement? Relationship Enhancement? Staff Appreciation?

Whatever your reason, we can help you build your team and their performance!


"This is on behalf of Cinnamon Key, CEO of Key 4 Enterprises. As a professional businesswoman, she is the best! Not only will she motivate you, but she will push you to your highest potential. She gets your started and conducts check-ups throughout your time together. She'll make sure you're doing well. She'll coach you on how to manage your business financially and professionally. Thank you for all you've done for me!"

Kenneth Day, Jr.
KJDayJr Entertainment LLC


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